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Submitted by snorman on Wed, 02/16/2022 - 15:26

On 24 July, a Mr. Gilles FORET tabled a bill which challenged us as Belgians of Rwandan origin. The bill purports to "sanction natural and legal persons who deny the existence of the genocide of Tutsis and moderate Hutus committed in Rwanda in the spring of 1994 ".

We would like to share with you all our comments on this bill to allow you to discuss the content with full knowledge of the facts. Our observations will focus on three issues:
  • is the law appropriate in principle?
  • is the law timely in its content?
  • what would the objectives be in case the law is adopted?
  1. Who are we and what are our objectives?
  2. Is the law appropriate in principle?
  3. Is the law timely in its content?
  4. What would be the objectives in case of adoption of the law? 
————————————————————————————————————————————————————– Link to the opinion paper of Dr. Anne STAQUET published in the newspaper Le Soir: Should the denial of genocide be condemned? Link to the analysis article by Rudatinya MBONYUMUTWA - Rwanda: What crimes were committed against the Hutus and Tutsis? [PDF] Link to the legislative proposal by Gille FORET Remarks by Jambo asbl on the proposed law to represse the denial of Genocide   [embed][/embed]    
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